First Instance: Real Estate Court

Real Estate court has jurisdiction over disputes and suits resulting from the transactions and contracts relating to property rights and the rights of any kind or subsidiaries, and the rental disputes are excluded from this. The court is divided into two circuits, the Major circuit which consists of three Judges presided by one of them, look into the cases, the value of which is not estimated or more than one hundred Thousand Dirham as well as the counter cases regardless of their value. The second one is the Minor circuit which consists of a single judge to view the cases of a value less than one hundred thousand Dirham as well as counter cases regardless of their value.


Major Real Estate litigation

This circuit includes the claims of undetermined, and the claim value whose is more than AED one hundred thousand. It also includes counterclaims, regardless of their values.


Minor Real Estate Claims

The claims which their value is less than AED 100000 ( one hundred thousand Dirham).