What You Need To Know About the Dubai's First Instance Court.

When do we start to try to understand the judicial legal system of our chosen country of destination? What is the process of attaining justice? 


Understanding the legal system of your place of residence is a basic thing for all of us, however, it is the most left behind issue that we last care about until we get into the scenario where legal advice is needed.


Complacency and ignorance of the country of residence’s moral boundaries could result from expats falling foul of the law though.


Like the other Gulf States, the legal system in Dubai is a mix of Sharia (Islamic Law), Civil and Criminal Laws, implemented by the Federal Judiciary, comprising courts of the first instance and Supreme Courts. 


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First Instance Court is the first and one of the three degrees of litigations (First Instance-Appeal- and Cassation Court) as per the Judicial system prevailed in Dubai and UAE. 


It is commonly known that the First Instance Court has the general jurisdiction over all judiciary system, because of its broad and comprehensive jurisdiction overlooking into cases, authentications and all urgent matters related to disputes among the people as well as to safeguard their rights by justice, security and safety. It also undertakes forcible judicial execution for execution deed stipulated by law, as well as executions by deputation or reference. The latest formation in the structure of Dubai Court of First Instance was in pursuant to administrative resolution issued by Director of Dubai courts by the order of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Premier of the UAE of and Ruler of Dubai, by virtue of the same the Courts of First Instance was found under the umbrella of First Instance Court each one of them have separate Chief Judge and Judicial Circuits which are as follows:


 • Civil Court

 • Commercial Court

 • Criminal Court

 •  Labour Court

 • Real Estate Court

Personal Status Court



If you are in a foreign land, the first thing you have to do is know the rules and the existing laws. 


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